Emergency care

emergency care

LIFE-NWPA  provides access to care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year. The goal it to PREVENT emergencies. This is why participants are asked to contact LIFE-NWPA as soon as one starts feeling bad, instead of waiting until it is a crisis situation.  That enables LIFE-NWPA to meet one’s needs and may prevent an emergency medical condition. LIFE's on-call Registered Nurse, or Primary Care Physician, will advise a participant what to do and will make necessary arrangements for a participant to receive the care needed.  If you need to be taken to the hospital, the Registered Nurse will call the ambulance company to dispatch an ambulance to your home as well as place the Interdisciplinary Team Members needed into action.

However if the onset of a sudden medical condition, or severe pain, that an average person, with no medical training, feels would place their health at serious risk, result in serious harm to bodily functions, or result in serious harm of an organ or bodily part participants are instructed at time of enrollment to call 9-1-1, there is no prior approval needed for emergent care, and then to notify LIFE staff as soon as possible. LIFE-NWPA can then activate many procedures before a partcipant even gets to an Emergency Room to assist the attending ER physician with medical consult with the LIFE-NWPA primary care physician, medical records, charts, labs, pharmaceutical information, etc. to better co-ordinate a participants emergency condition which may help getting the participant back home rather than staying in a hospital.

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The LIFE–Northwestern Pennsylvania (LIFE-NWPA) model of care is nationally known as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.


"When I came into the program, my feet and lower legs were in bad shape, but today they are looking great…"
~ Louis V.
Enrolled August 2010
"Let’s me meet new friends, take care of myself and have more confidence in myself."
~ Janice L.
Enrolled February 2014
"Fantastic activity department."
~ Marilyn H
Enrolled August 2012
"I’m blind in my left eye so I can’t drive anymore. So LIFE takes me to all my Dr. appointments (which is a God-send to me)."
~ Diana V.
Enrolled March 2014
"My life has changed completely. I have complete medical care as well as mental health. I found a purpose for my life."
~ Barbara W.
Enrolled November 2012
"It has given my husband a wider area of friends. Getting out of the house gives us an opportunity to do activities that we wouldn't do normally."
~ Susan V.
Enrolled September 2013

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