Eligibility Criteria:

Participants must be,

  • 55 years of age or older;
  • Certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as eligible for nursing home level of care;
  • Residents of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Warren, Clarion, Venango, Forest, Jefferson, Elk, and Clearfield Counties in which LIFE-NWPA is operating with the approval of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Pennsylvania State Administering Agency (SAA);
  • And, at the point of enrollment, can be, and is willing to be, safely cared for in a community setting with the support of LIFE-NWPA and its network of providers.

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LIFE-NWPA is authorized to administer Medicare/Medicaid covered benefits and services. 

If you are admitted to a nursing facility, you may be liable for a patient pay amount as determined by the State of Pennsylvania.  Additionally, a LIFE participant may be fully liable for the cost of medical services from an out-of-network provider or without previous authorization (except for emergency services).

LIFE-NWPA’s physician-based care teams interview prospective participants and recommend individualized, preventative care. Learn more about our Services.  

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